Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The better to see you with, my dear!

Little Miss Kyrie got glasses... pictures pretty much say it all! =)

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Raimie @ The Prairie Hen said...

Dear Nish,
Does she have the Spectacular Spectacles Fancy Nancy book? If not, I'd love to send it to her as F and I never got her birthday gift sent!

She looks even more like you now! Wowie! F will be a bit jealous as she's enchanted with glasses at the moment.

'Spec' She's Happy in NE

P.S. Thanks for the blogging nudge! :)

The J's said...

They're quite cute--of course the little girl wearing them is too. Fun to get to see them "for reals"! and yes, she is a "little Lynisha"! ;)

Lynisha said...

No! We haven't seen the Fancy Nancy Spectacular Spectacles yet!

Lani said...

Cute! Makes me remember when I got my first glasses in elementary school. I was so amazed at how well I could SEE! The colors of the world were so sharp and amazing.