Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bakerella made me do it!

Title says it all. Bakerella made me do it!
Ok, I guess half the blame can go on Pioneer Woman because if it hadn't been for that fatefull day that I visited her blog and saw THIS, I would have never known that Bakerella even existed!

Kyrie's class Valentine's day party is tomorrow and I, being the over-acheiver that I am, signed up to bring treats. Not store bought treats of course, but something way more time consuming than any preschooler would appreciate!
Kyrie has been having fun helping me though, so if you don't mind the messy kitchen and messy kids and messy-rest-of-the-house-because-you're-not-paying-attention-to-anything-other-than-how-precisely-the-sprinkles-are-placed, then go ahead, check out the tutorial
(no silly, I didn't take my own step by step pictures!) and your kids will love you for it!

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

That's what you get...

When you don't obey your Mother!

It's a tough lesson to learn, and I'm very un-sympathetic when my kids get hurt doing something that I told them NOT to do in the first place!

It was a very fine day outdoors so I sent the boys out to play, with strict instructions NOT to go out of the gate. (the gate was still frozen open from our last snow so I couldn't close it.)

Soon, from my station at the dinning room table, I hear little voices and I knew they had gone out the gate - they were "ice skating" and quite enjoying it until Trey boy fell down and couldn't get back up because of the ice underneath him! What did I do? I laughed! And then went and got the camera and took a picture out the window.

But out the window wasn't quite good enough, and he was eventually going to need some help up, so out the door with the camera I went!
He was not pleased that I was taking pictures of him.

E was trying to help him up but with the ice underneath, no luck!

I finally took pity on the poor wet, cold boy and got him up out of the water.

And made him walk to the house, taking pictures all the way!

So next time your Mom says "DON'T go out of the gate", you'll remember why! (maybe...)

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