Friday, February 1, 2008

Annie - Its Hard Knock Life

If you can't get your children to scrub the floor, maybe they need some inspiration?!
This is Kyrie's...she scrubs the bathtub too!!!

Kids these days....

Have you ever stood on your head to make a kid happy?
I don't think I have, but I've done some pretty silly things to get a giggle!
I had Ryan watch the kids for a little while today while I ran some errands, and when I came home this is what I saw! Uncle Ryan and Kyrie barefoot on the kitchen floor, scrubbing to "it's the hard knock life" and Kyrie telling Uncle Ryan that it had to "shine like the top of the chrystler building"! (yes, she's obsessed with Annie!)
Amazing what a Kid can make you do!!! (and now I have a nice shiny clean kitchen floor!)