Thursday, June 24, 2010

Weathered out

Boy, have we had our share of weather this year! Started out on May 24 with 60 mph winds / 80 mph gusts. "Hurricane Winds" they called them... and it blew all day long. We managed to avoid the hail & tornado's that were seen north and west of us. June 1 brought a lovely snow hail storm! It didn't do much damage to the houses or cars but a lot to the trees and flowers / gardens that were trying to grow! 

June 9th found us on our way north up 385. As we were approaching Bridgeport, we knew we were in for a storm of some sort. Didn't know until we got closer how wicked it might be! Not the kind of storm you want to be driving into - that's MY opinion, anyway! Reading comments online from various storm chasers that saw this same storm, they felt like there was a tornado but it was concealed by all the rain.

And you know it's a good storm when you see the big storm chaser armored car!

June 20th, we were on our way home (via Cheyenne) from Chugwater, Wy. The hail hit just as we were leaving, baseball size, of course! It was very sporadic - thankfully - so we didn't have a lot of damage from it, just a few new dents on our car! So as we were going through Chugwater, we heard the sirens. The clouds were terrible to the north and pretty mild (mostly blue sky and sun) to the south, and we were headed south, so decided to hurry up and get out of the bad stuff! As we turned south on to the on ramp of I-25, there we see the tornado, in the distance in front of us! As scary as that was, it was neat to actually SEE a tornado! (and thank goodness for cell phones with cameras on them!) It went back up after a few minutes and then a little tail snaked down, but then it was pretty much done so we headed on to Cheyenne for a YUMMY father's day supper at Outback! (sorry, no father's day photos :( )

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