Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Love a good deal? (and who doesn't!)

Who doesn't love a good deal??? Starting today, Longaberger's Woven Reflections™ 9" Bowl is on sale for $15.00!!! (originally $49.00!) Available in the following colors: Cornflower, Cream, Ebony, Ivory, Paprika and Tomato
Visit www.longaberger.com/lynishaweeda and click on "shop factory and homestead store" or click on the picture below!

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Skinny kids - sewing project

I don't get all this talk of childhood obesity problems. I mean, I do, but I sure don't see the problem in my house! Just the opposite. In fact, I'm sure if I was good about routine well child visits, the pediatrician would have labeled my kids as "failure to thrive"! At 1 year, Kyrie was 17 lbs, and impressively enough, Trey was actually 20 lbs at 1 year but was only 23 lbs at 24 mos!

So as you can imagine (or maybe you can't...), clothes shopping is REALLY fun. I am SO glad that a lot of brands put adjustable waist bands in their "bottoms", but there is still a lot that don't. And I don't like to be limited when I find cute clothes for my kids! This spring, Trey ended up with 4 pairs of shorts that didn't have an adjustable waist in them and of course, basically fell off of him! So I pulled out my (not so) trusty sewing machine and got to work. I had intended to post these pictures right after I took them, but as we know, the best laid plans...

So lets get started. (our model wasn't too sure about having pictures with his shirt off!)

It's really hard to play cars when you have to go around holding your shorts up!

On the inside of the waist band, using a seam ripper, I made a vertical slit

Attaching a safety pin to the end of the elastic,

Thread it through and out the other side.

Secure one side with a pin and tighten to the desired size.

Now we're all pinned and ready to sew.

Zig zag stitch forward and backwards a few times to secure the elastic well.

Here is the inside, finished.

And the outside stitch... you can hardly see it with this pattern!

No more holding your shorts up!

This is a very simple thing... it can be sewn by hand if you don't have a machine, and honestly takes no sewing skills!

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