Thursday, April 23, 2009

the scene out our window at 5am

Jim woke up a little before 5 this morning and took the fan out of the window because it was getting a bit chilly in the bedroom. He shut the window and curtains and went back to bed. That's Trey's normal time to wake up and come up to our bed and nurse, so he was just coming up the stairs. I decided to use the bathroom before going back to sleep (no, 5 am is NOT my waking time!) I noticed that there were flashing red lights through a crack in the curtains and asked Jim about it but he just said there's a police car with it's lights on outside. Not all that strange considering our neighbor is a police man, but enough to get my curiosity up! So I went to the window and saw THIS scene and I said to Jim, "more like a fire across the street!" They hadn't been there a few minuets before when he shut the window! The crazy lady that I am had to go downstairs, load my memory card back into my camera, change to my wide angle lens and take a picture! I wanted to wake Kyrie up so she could see it because we've been talking a lot about fire safety, but I decided to let her sleep and see the picture later!
Glad it wasn't our house! I don't think the damage was extensive, it looked like it might have been limited to the "attic" on the porch but don't know for sure!
Good reminder to test the smoke detectors and teach those little ones about fire safety and have a fire plan!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My favorite wedding cake!

My Aunt got married this past Friday and I had the honor of making the wedding cake! I was SO pleased with how it turned out! She wanted something on the "antique-vintage" side and I think we succeeded! Mom helped me with it - the pleats on the bottom were all done by here and she helped with the flowers on the top. It was really a group effort, my sisters Meshayla, Kara & Kaela also did their part!