Thursday, June 18, 2009

What we did today... by Kyrie & Trey

First I (Kyrie) managed to sneak Aunt Jeanne's camera out the back door.

Trey was standing there so I said "come with me to the play house... let's have some fun!"

Up we went...
Left our shoes at the door (really, they were probably already up there. That's where everything I can't find, is.)
We had a grand view of the backyard and Dad's pickup.
This was our view out the north window.
Earlier, we had snuck some golden grams outside... we like to eat dry cereal all day long. Mom is ready to put a lock on the pantry door!
They tasted great with a little mud pie in place of the milk!
no comment needed.
Lets make sure Mom knows who took these pictures!

Mom would have found these pictures anyway, but became suspicious when she went to take some pictures of the yummy butter braid we were making, and she couldn't find the camera! Oops! I left it in the playhouse!