Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bakerella made me do it!

Title says it all. Bakerella made me do it!
Ok, I guess half the blame can go on Pioneer Woman because if it hadn't been for that fatefull day that I visited her blog and saw THIS, I would have never known that Bakerella even existed!

Kyrie's class Valentine's day party is tomorrow and I, being the over-acheiver that I am, signed up to bring treats. Not store bought treats of course, but something way more time consuming than any preschooler would appreciate!
Kyrie has been having fun helping me though, so if you don't mind the messy kitchen and messy kids and messy-rest-of-the-house-because-you're-not-paying-attention-to-anything-other-than-how-precisely-the-sprinkles-are-placed, then go ahead, check out the tutorial
(no silly, I didn't take my own step by step pictures!) and your kids will love you for it!

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The J's said...

Those are just the cutest things!

I'm so glad your blogging again!

Janelle said...

So cute! :) You'll be the talk of Kyrie's preschool class!! :)

Dalayna said...

Oh yummmmm!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sprinkles,
Cupcakes make the world go round. My hips keeps going rounder and rounder due to P-dub, Bakerella and The Cakespy... And a few crazy, delicious ideas of my own (Think: Fried Banana Split). Actually, it's the preschool teachers and mommies who'll really take notice... the kids just want the ones with the most sprinkles! ;)
Cuppie Is My Hero In NE

Heather said...

CUTE and YUM!!

Heather said...

hmm...the more i think about it...and look at the tutorial...this looks like a fun idea for when i have the vlieger girls over to my apartment!

Wrena said...

Glad I'm not the only tempted one that admits :D They look awsome too

Mamí♥Picture said...

Oh my! those are so cute and adorable! I bet they taste so good too!

Lani said...

Oooo... so pretty. Were they as tasty as they look?

Lynisha Weeda said...

Lani - I assume so because Jim liked them - and he doesn't like sweets! I, on the other hand, resisted and did not eat a SINGLE ONE!

gkey said...

oh, NishyWishy,
I am so glad you tried these. What fun they look to be! I saw them last year on PW and thought I would do it someday. I am a cupcake lover too, and want to do more from a little cupcake cookbook I got (mostly) for Katie a year or two ago!
As much as I loved the Jilly's ones we got in St. Louis, I almost wish they were a bit smaller so a person could have tried more than one...he he!!