Friday, January 21, 2011

A tale of two laundry rooms

One day I was trying to come up with a solution for more storage for seldom used kitchen things (crock-pot, electric skillet, cake supplies, etc), as well as home canned food. (We do have a storage room but it's too warm in there to store canned food!) I decided that it would make a lot of sense to move my scrapbook stuff (I almost never scrapbook at home anyway) to the basement family room, and move the laundry up to my scrapbook room, (right off the Kitchen!) where there would be space for the deep freeze and tons of storage! 
We just got the cabinets ordered , and haven't moved the deep freeze up yet but I am LOVING how it's coming together! So here's a peek at what it looks like right now... hopefully in less than a month I'll have some great updated pictures! 

My basement laundry room... It was out in the open in the family room so not a bad space, but not the most ideal either!


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Dalayna said...

Very nice! I love it and now have laundry room envy.

Gramma's Corner said...

It is very nice looking, but the words sure posted strangely so I didn't get the full effect of your story.
It still looks like a scrapbooked room. :)

The J's said...

Awesome *PROGRESS* :D

Janelle said...

Now *that* is a laundry room! :) That is awesome that you'll have so much storage too. Mine is teeny tiny.....does the job, but I'd love that extra storage!

Lynisha said...

Shelley - are you using internet explore?
It looks fine in Mozilla Firefox but I just opened it in IE and it's crazy! Looks fine in Google Chrome also.
If you are using IE, I would suggest switching to either Mozilla or Chrome - MUCH better browsers!

Lani said...

I likey.

JKLMNOP said...

I love your bright colors!!

JKLMNOP said...

I love your bright colors!!

gkey said...

dear Time for a change,

Great idea, and so far it looks super! I LOVE my Wash~room off of the kitchen. It is much easier to keep up when it is near the 'Hub' of the home.

In fact, it is the room that "sold" me the house in the first place
Keoni Country

Shayla said...

well I've never seen a cuter laundry room :D

Wrena said...

Awesomeness! and pamper laundress' =)