Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Frosty the Snowman...

...Is melting on my cookies!
  Aren't these just the cutest melting snowmen you ever saw?! 

We baked 24 of these cuties for Kyrie's kindergarten class party!

Tutorial can be found HERE

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gkey said...

dear You're MELTING my heart!

VERY cute, and I bet your kiddleywinks love them too.

Frosty (but no snow here)

Lynisha said...

No snow here either - and these were for Kyrie's class party so I figured since we had no snow and it has been so warm, the kids would get a kick out of these!

RelyssaWeeda said...

this is just unfair you know..
not other mommy even has a tiny CHANCE of being the kid's favorite mom.. :P

The J's said...

LOL at Relyssa's comment! I will say I'm not sure there's any who's going to want to bring treats after seeing these!!

Anonymous said...

those are just the cutest!!!!!!!! I bet the kids loved them! Lorinda

Raimie said...

In case I didn't comment on FB, THOSE ARE AMAZING! I love them.... F. wants to make them right away!
R in NE

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

These are adorable.I am sure all of the children loved them.

Gramma's Corner said...

Those are really cute, and look pretty easy to get a cute look.