Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wedding Cakes and Frosting! Oh My!

Here's what I've been up to the past several days! Wedding cake for Jeanne & Floyd's wedding on Saturday. Chocolate (with Oreo filling), White Almond Sour Cream (with Raspberry filling) and Strawberry Lemonade (with strawberry jam and Lemon cream cheese filling).
Hungry yet?!

Buster-Brown-eyes was the first to get a snitch of the meringue for the frosting, (swiss meringue butter cream) He was a little unsure at first but didn't take him long to clean off the beater!


Lani said...

Yum. We did this today, too, only with chocolate chip cookie dough.

Huisman5 said...

Sounds good! Carlin thought the Strawberry Lemonade sounded best! Send us a slice! I'd love watching you decorate them!

Dalayna said...

They sound so good!
Trey's so cute in his jammies!

Anonymous said...

Yum..they all sound delicious!! Trey is such a cutie! Good luck decorating the cakes..can't wait to see the finished product!
Hope to see you next week! :) Lorinda

Scooter said...

Mmmmm those cakes sound absolutely delicious! And Trey is so cute! :P

Scooter said...

Just so you know...in the second picture of Trey...I used to stand like that, and Mom still thinks I do weird things with my feet/toes


Laura Jelinek said...

hmmm can you send me a peice of cake with the dvd of the wedding??
Trey babie you are so so adorable.

Diane T. said...

Yum,yum...they sound so good. You are tempting us all.