Thursday, August 7, 2008

Garden Party Bridal Shower

Last weekend the kids & I were in Kearney for Jeanne's bridal shower.
Raimie & Aunt Gay hosted a beautiful ladies afternoon tea bridal shower on the lawn. It was 100 degrees out but we didn't melt (some of the food did though!). We enjoyed a feast of tasty little treats and iced tea, punch and water all with lots of ice! Raimie provided parasols and fans for the guest to use, and we did!
Aunt Lu and Cyndie Gray both helped with the food and "props", and everything was SO lovely! Almost everyone had fun with the "hat request" (notice I didn't wear one - no time for hat shopping!) and it was so fun seeing all the unique hats!


Lani said...

What fun. My absolute FAV is the purple feather one. It is to die for! And I see Deb W. didn't wear one either? ;) This whole thing looks divine... you would never guess it was 100 degrees out. You all look as cool as cucumbers.

lanae said...

What - no cute pictures of MY kids on the slideshow??!!
No - I'm not having a snit fit - just teasing.
There are lots of nice pics; it was a lovely day, even I felt like I was going to melt into a puddle!

Lynisha W said...

@ Lani - Isn't the purple one great?! That's "aunt" Cyndie - when everyone was discussing what they were wearing to the shower she said that it didn't matter what she wore because no one would notice anymore than the hat anyway!!!

@ Lanae - I see one of your boys peeking out in one picture, and new baby is quite apparent there too! ;)
I can't imagine how hot you must have been, I felt like I was going to melt and I'm only carrying "me"!!!

The J's said...

@Lanae--lol...Your boys were there?
No really I knew they were, but I don't even remember seeing them running around. Guess they certainly didn't disturb a ladies tea!! I didn't get any pictures of them either, but oh well, I noticed no one got a picture of the M-O-B either except one with me in the background!!

lanae said...

Yeah, my boys were there, but they weren't too rowdy were they - maybe they were too hot to be too rowdy, because they certainly can be when they to!! -- And I did see a couple pictures where someone looks VERY pregnant! Always surprises me how big I look when i don't really feel so huge. But I sure did feel hot - whew! Nonetheless, it was a wonderful time, and I'm very happy for Jeanne.
@ Maxine - I'm sure there'll be plenty of pics with you in them at the wedding - in the perfect MOB dress, too!

Huisman5 said...

Don't worry, MOB, I think I have some pictures of you from the shower that I can post! I just need to get home to do so!

Lani said...

Happy Birthday, Lynisha!