Monday, January 28, 2008

New Skirt!

Kyrie is so delighted to have a long "big girl" skirt! After getting a long skirt "hand me down" from Aunt Kaela, that is still too big, Kyrie kept asking me for a long skirt to wear. Finally I decided to take a pair of her jeans that she didn't like to wear and make a skirt for her. I made one for Relyssa severial years ago, and decided after that project I wouldn't be attempting any more, but I have to say, toddler size is MUCH easier than Adult size!


Grammie Cine said...

That's quite the "perch" little girl!! and cute skirt!

Huisman5 said...

What a beautiful "big girl"! She looks so grown up!

Auntie La said...

You look so grown up Kyrie! Time goes way too fast. Cool skirt Nish!