Monday, January 21, 2008

Lookin' cool with Aunt Jana and House Fairy Magic

Aunt Jana came to stay with us the last week in December. Kyrie was quite delighted to have someone who would read her books non stop! Before Auntie left, Kyrie decided she needed to be matching with HER sunglasses too. As always, Kyrie was happy to pose for a picture!

After seeing the "magic" that the House Fairy ( has done at Mom & Dad's house with Morgen, Kara & Kaela, I decided that she needed to come teach Kyrie a thing or two about keeping her bedroom clean! After Kyrie saw the neat things that the house fairy had brought Kara & Kaela (she didn't care about the "boy" stuff that Morgen had gotten!), she decided that it was time to clean her room to see what would happen!
After the bedroom was clean, Kyrie asked me to take pictures and email them to the house fairy so she would know that Kyrie's room was clean and she could visit!

Kyrie was quite delighted when she found fairy dust in her bedroom the next morning, with a little package of "ems-ms" (M&M's) and a new head band. She's kept her bedroom clean for a week now, all on her own!

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Grammie said...

I can only say...if only 30 years ago!! Oh well, better late than never hmmm?!