Monday, November 7, 2011

Growing girls...

... have got to eat!
Kyrie has always been a great eater - especially the last 4 years. She can hold her own against most teenagers, and watch out when she hits a growth spurt! (They usually last at least 3 months!)
On Friday, she had a dermatologist appointment in Cheyenne so it was a great excuse for a mother-daughter shopping day! 
We started out with Red Lobster for lunch - no kids menu, thanks! She outgrew that when she discovered REAL shrimp - you know, the stuff withOUT the breading. And it's NOT offered in the kids menu! So Shrimp Scampi it was for her.  
(Along with 3 lobster & crab stuffed mushrooms and a good portion of mashed potatoes!)

After a long afternoon of shopping, we headed for the Wendy's drive-thru. She loves Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers, and asked "what comes with them?" I told her she could order fries with them but it didn't come in a meal. She's not really big on fries so I could tell that option wasn't going to do it. She told me "If you don't eat all yours, I'll just eat the rest." I told her she could always just order 2 jr. bacon cheeseburgers if one wasn't enough. She says "REALLY?! They let you do that?! Maybe we could pretend there is someone else in the back seat too!" After I ordered and was pulling up to the window, she reminded me NOT to tell them that TWO of those cheeseburgers were for her!
(she ate them both!)

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Gramma's Corner said...

I so enjoyed this!! I remember my appetite when I was young, of course, I didn't spend any time sitting in front on a computer, but I guess I did spend a lot of time reading...hmm, well anyway. I could out eat both of my brothers. I am still thankful for my on the go metabolism, even though it is slowing down now, it has saved me a lot.

Dalayna said...

LOL!! What a goof!

The J's said...

haha, that is just too funny!
The girl time sounds like so much fun. One of these days maybe I'll get to join you :)

Raimie said...

Dear Nish,
What a fun little girl you have!

Raimie Lu

Darcie said...

Nothin' like a girl with an appetite! You got a while until her teenage years, by then it will probably be your boy that will want to eat!