Wednesday, May 26, 2010

10 Years of Memories

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gkey said...

dear 10~year~old~marrieds,
Happy Anniversary to you youngins, and sincere good wishes for MANY more happy years together!
love & Hugs from
TheMiddleAnt and Unc

The J's said...

Dear Lynisha--
This is just totally awesome, beautiful!
It turned out great!
Happy Happy Anniversary again!
Much Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Nish~Nice job on this & happy 10th to you guys!! Love, Lorinda

Dan & Cyndie said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful marriage...continue taking good care of each other...continue going, sowing, growing & glowing!
love you both~~Happy Anniversary :)
Dan & me

Gramma's Corner said...

Love the little book, wishing you many happy years.

Lani said...

What a great slideshow, Lynisha! Happy #10 to you!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pictures....and the quotes!! Where did you come up with all those?? Too cute!

Dana Mordecai

Lynisha said...

Dana - I did it all on scrapblog - some of the quotes are just ones I've seen and liked so I saved them, others were pre-done on scrapblog as a "sticker"