Friday, March 27, 2009

Talula Does the Hula and Psss...kirt

I had to borrow Jeanne's camera yesterday to take these video's, since mine is "too good" to take video's!
Thankfully, we didn't have to name Kyrie "Talula Does the Hula" for her to learn the hula hoop! While my younger sibblings were here on spring break (no, I don't have any pictures - you'll have to check out Jeanne's blog!), we spent a lot of time playing with the hula hoops, and Kyrie was pretty disgusted that she couldn't do it like the bigger kids! Obviously, she's been practicing!

Trey is quite the talker, and he loves trying out new words! He seems to be figuring out at least a new word every day! Kyrie has had a hard time saying her "S's", and "Skirt" has been her practice word. Trey has obviously been listening! lol!


Heather said...

Wow, she's good!

And he's so cute! (they both are!)

The J's said...

The girls were excited! OH! she can do it now!
That's pretty cute of Trey...I like how he's "all done now!"

Lani said...

Psssskhilarious. And I like how they always cooperate until the camera comes out. Ha.

Diane T. said...

Way to go, Kyrie!! Enjoyed the videos.