Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New cakes

Here's my most recent cakes - including Trey's second birthday cake!

Meshayla made most of the cars, the train and the airplane for his cake - Great job Shay!

Both Tiara's and the jewelry on this cake are edible.


The J's said...

Cool! That tiara is really awesome!

Jeanette said...

My kids love the Thomas cake......Although I am guessing that 'Jesse was turning 4' my son threw a fit that THOMAS IS THE # 1 ENGINE!

I hadn't even noticed......leave it to the kids.

Dalayna said...


Raimie said...

I do SO love cakes and yours are always great! By the way, Thanks for always being my cake "consultant"! :)I always know you'll have the answer when I say, "Help! how do I do THIS?..."

Lynisha said...

LOL@ Jeanette - Yes, Thomas is "4" because Jesse was turning 4!

@ Raimie - Glad I can help!