Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 random things about me

I got tagged on Facebook to post 25 random things about me... thought I'd post it here too!
1. While I love the looks of them, I think Gymboree clothes are a joke. They stain easily and I can never seem to get the stains out!

2. My life is everything I wanted, but I never imagined it would be so wonderful and make me so happy!

3. I always assumed I wanted at least 4 kids but right now I'm secretly worried that I'll never want any more than the 2 I have.

4. I started this yesterday and got to 7 but my little boy came to play and deleted it all!

5. I love the smell of clean baby hair

6. I started dating my husband when I was 14... he was 20

7. I love to eat and have a hard time limiting myself

8. I don't mind winter when there's snow on the ground

9. I love fall

10. I have to have sunlight in order to feel alive

11. I love cooking and baking but always make a mess and don't like to clean up after myself!

12. I love photography but don't take near enough pictures of my family

13. Someday I want to learn more about photography and go professional

14. I'm very critical of myself

15. I love spending time with my "girlfriends"

16. Someday I hope to have it "all together"!

17. I have 8 sisters and 3 brothers

18. I got married when I was 17... and I don't regret it for a minute!

19. 17 looks younger and more immature every day!

20. I love living in a small town but sometimes wish we didn't have to drive so far to "do something"!

21. I never thought my kids would still be nursing when they were 2

22. I had a home birth - and it was AWESOME!

23. It frustrates me when people don't educate themselves but always takes the DR's word for it and assume the DR knows best.

24. I love scrapbooking, cake decorating and photography but sometimes wonder if I would get more done if I just loved one thing!

25. I'm a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician

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