Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fresh Homemade Bread

Great Grandma 'Cilla is here for a few days while she is helping Sara Starns in this part of the state. (Sara is here too =) ). We were quite delighted when Grandma offered to make us some bread and cinnamon rolls! Kyrie was quite in awe of the whole bread making process and was of course delighted when grandma let her help!


The J's said...

These pictures are SO cute!!
She's going to have to get her "Mother's, Mommy & Grandma's, & Grammie's" straight tho!!!

Anonymous said...

AHHH she's so adorable and cute and I'm such a proud auntie:-)
Love, La

lisa m said...

That's great to have your G'ma there with Sara! I bet the kids are enjoying too! Great job on those cakes too. The little baby shoes are great!